We (that would be Thomas Reisenegger and Paul Nadin) are based in the established and rapidly expanding UK games hub of Brighton, and after working together for a while we founded Future Friends Games in 2017.

We love indie games, and we started the company to help get them the attention they deserve.

We know that every game is unique, so we focus on doing what makes the most sense for each game we work on. Sometimes that means getting covered by websites, sometimes it’s reaching out to content creators on YouTube and Twitch, sometimes community and social media presence is the goal and once in a while a game will require thinking outside the box.

More often than not, it’s all of these things in different amounts!

About Thomas

Before Future Friends I have worked on the promotion of over 30 games; from big titles like League of Legends to indie hits like Northgard & Blackwood Crossing.

I’m also a regular speaker at international industry events like GDC (three times, still nervous every time), EGX Rezzed, Digital Taipei, and IndieCade Europe about gaming PR. You can watch some of my talks here.

In my free time, I like going to gigs (a lot) and watching Jughead Jones solve mysteries (even more).

About Paul

After perfecting the art of steak in a previous life as a chef, my games industry career has taken me from journalist and critic to content creator and livestreamer, through community and social media management for a big MMO and into PR.

Career highlights before Future Friends include working on games like Magic: The Gathering, SMITE, Paladins, WildStar, recording dialogue for a game in my living room, doing nothing but writing puns for 3 straight days and being famous in Las Vegas for about a week.