Looking for a PR & Marketing intern / indie games

We’re recruiting for a paid, remote, entry level position on a fixed-term contract. Experience in the games industry is not required, but applicants will need to demonstrate that they have the skills and aptitude we’re looking for.

We would like to encourage applications from women, disabled, and Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) candidates in particular.

About Future Friends Games:

We are a small UK-based agency that supports cool indie games with promo and publishing services. We know that every game is unique, so we focus on doing what makes the most sense for each game we work on. Sometimes that means getting covered by websites, sometimes it’s reaching out to content creators and streamers, sometimes community and social media presence is the goal and once in a while a game will require thinking outside the box. You can find more info about Future Friends Games on our website.

We are looking for someone who is:

  1. Organised and enjoys creating order from chaos
  2. Comfortable in spreadsheets and likes them to be pretty
  3. Interested in the indie side of games, as we work very differently to AAA
  4. Generally familiar with how social media platforms, games press and influencers work
  5. Happy sending and replying to lots of emails/DMs etc in a timely manner
  6. UK based – outside applications are currently a bit more difficult due to Brexit 🙁

Some more details of the job:

  • This is a paid position (£20k per year salary) and you’ll be treated as a full member of the team 
  • We all work remotely and have daily meetings over voice chat which you would also attend (please let us know in your application if there is a reason this isn’t possible for you).
  • The contract length is 6 months
  • Hours are 9-5 GMT with an hour lunch break, Monday to Friday 
  • Closing date for applications is 27th January
  • Position starts: as soon as possible
  • You will be expected to play some games on PC, but you won’t need a high end gaming PC.

If you would like to apply, please do all this:

  1. Send an email to jobs@futurefriendsgames.com 
  2. Attach a cover letter explaining why you think you would be a good fit for this role with examples relating to the list above
  3. Tell us about an indie game you have played, what you liked about it and why you chose it over all the other games you could have played instead
  4. Don’t tell us how old you were when you started playing games

Pls say hi!