Future Friends Games help interesting, creative and fun indie games reach the audience they deserve.

  • Press Coverage

    Drafting press releases
    Identifying media targets
    Writing professional pitches

  • Brand Development

    Pinpointing key selling points
    Finding your game’s unique voice
    Shaping a profile that stands out

  • Event Support

    Tips on events worth attending
    Tips on which awards to apply for
    Arranging media appointments at events

  • Marketing

    Identifying the best bang for your buck
    Executing ad and social media campaigns
    Planning influencer programmes

  • Influencer coverage

    Identifying YouTubers/Streamers
    Writing professional pitches
    Stream integration consulting

  • Communication Planning

    Providing a communication strategy
    Planning content schedule
    Finding ideal dates for news/releases

  • Guerrilla Marketing

    Devising crazy PR stunts
    No really, some of it is insane
    High risk, high reward

  • Social Management

    Content planning
    Giving channel recommendations
    Managing channels